"please stay here", so i hoped.

and I will laugh about the fact that everything was a dream.

14 December 1989
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Merry Go World

II : The High Priestess
Anna Romeo Montecchi, Niya or Nii has 18 springs, 5 feet tall, 101,45 pounds, a sharp sense of humour, a lot of dorkiness, not too sane. likes to write, draw occasionally, to do nothing at all, sleep, eat.

Lives in Brazil, more precisely, Rio de Janeiro, wants to own an airplane so she could visit her friends more often.
Studies Biomedicine in the Federal University Of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), wants to be a researcher and to make some difference in the health field.
Has the most awesome team of best friends (and when I say TEAM I really mean TEAM), likes to eat nuggets, is not interessed in loving anyone, just her life; Has a piercing in the nasal septum and is looking forward to re-pierce her tongue.

Loves weird bands like Gogol Bordello, Sigur Rós, jrock, 12012, D'espairsRay and Calmando Qual. Developed an unhealthy obsession with Ruki/Gazette, while everyone is starting to hate them D: (sush, Ruki will always be a diva for me).

Is a (not so) former smoker and heavily drinker, is, little by little becoming a straightedge, because life happens too fast for you too be drunk all the time.
Likes to walk in sunny days, subways, play Wii with Xyna, Xyna, Juh, Misao, frango reunions, Ruki's bathmilk...

I've been for so long in LJ and I didn't make any new friend .__.' *sad* So if you want to friend me, go ahead, drop a comment a jump in my nonsensical world full of unicorns, popcorns, fangirlism ramble and ants hating!

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Chicken Group, The Greatest Trainers of the WORLD.
[The Chicken Group Is: Nymi, Foka, Kawo, Maiara, Peste, Niya, Xyneiz, Hikari and Haku]

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