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● Why? You ask.

● Because I'm sick and tired of those blood thirsty bastards in my life, and I guess they really got the hint now ;D.

● There is nothing much about Friending me, just drop a comment for me to know that I have a new friend.

● Be aware for loads of love for my best friend, lots of fangirling, boring stuff, depressive rants, random phrases, nonsense, yaoi, weird sex experiences, squeaks, philosophic questions, nerd stuff, Angels Online nonsense babbling and college drama.

● Also expect fist fights, blood on the floor, non-con, drugs, drinks, easy sex, and no meat because I'm vegetarian.

● Don't expect much, I'm just an average girl with a smoke addiction, a short temper and a chinese boy as best friend.
feeling: amusedamused
listening to: Blood Thirsty Bastards - Dirty Pretty Things